David Ruttka

Engineering | Gaming | Improv | Storytelling | Music

About Me

For over eighteen years, I have worked to deliver innovative solutions through creative problem solving, customer empathy, continuous learning, and systems thinking. Across a variety of domains, the through line has been to make life better for my customers and my teams. I am especially interested in aligning that work to my lifelong passion for gaming and entertainment.

Beyond the professional sphere, I am enthusiastic about game design, improv, storytelling, film, and making music. You may know me from PAX West panels, my speaking at developer conferences, Stack Overflow, GitHub, GiveCamp, and karaoke pubs across the US and UK.


Gaming is why I got into technology. In the mid-80s, I stumbled upon my brother playing King’s Quest on something that looked a little something like this.

From Space Invaders to Silent Hill, Rygar to Resident Evil, Contra to Control, and Hogan’s Alley to Halo, I’ve spent more hours than I care to admit in virtual worlds. I’ve always wanted to deliver the feelings of wonder that I’ve experienced through play.

image attribution: Rderijcke


Throughout my career, I’ve sought to extend my impact through cross-functional collaboration and collective ownership in all phases of the software development lifecycle. I have intentionally leaned into direct engagement with customers and partners, project and program management, experience design, developer advocacy and evangelism, agile / lean process improvements, and team leadership.

Highlights of what I’ve shipped include

  • Halo Waypoint’s mobile companion to support the launch of Halo Infinite
  • Halo Channel across Xbox, PC, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone
  • Microsoft’s OpenHack events for Modern Data Warehousing with DevOps, and IoT with Streaming Data Processing
  • Integrations between Power BI Desktop and Azure Analysis Services
  • The 3-GIS suite of AM/FM and network engineering solutions
  • EBSCO’s A-to-Z

My technical skills skew toward the backend, primarily leveraging Node, TypeScript, .NET, and C#. I have also delivered web and cross-platform mobile front-ends and explored building new worlds in Unity.

I have deep experience with Git and a broad spectrum of Azure products with a focus in application services, messaging and events, DevOps, and data platform offerings. I enjoy breaking down challenging architectures and technologies to facilitate shared understandings across my teams. Before the challenges of 2020 changed the way we work, I had five years of success in an 80% remote position and two years in a globally distributed organization.

I’m around

For random nonsense, follow @druttka on Twitter. For a more professional presence, connect with me on LinkedIn.